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Kenneth US

Age : 20 - 29

Sex : male

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Hi!  I'm Ken.  I am from Seattle, but now live in Utah.  I study Electrical Engineering.  I lived in the Chubu region of Japan for 2 years, going to places like Nagoya, Ishikawa Prefecture, and Mt. Fuji.  While in Japan, I taught English classes to children, students, housewives, and professionals.  Let's study together!



Student Evaluation


09/11 23:17 by mas***

ケン先生は若いのに話を聞くのが上手で、とても話やすく、優しい笑顔が可愛らしい先生です。話し方もソフトで優しいので、初心者でも緊張せずにレッスンできます。楽しい初レッスンでした。また受けたいと思います。 Kenneth is very young, but very gentle and good listener.His smile is very cute.So biginner also can relax.I want to have lesson again.

09/04 23:48 by mas***

I enjoyed talking with him. He is very familiar with Japan. Therefore we could talk about Japanese Pop musics.

08/09 10:22 by Pab***

Ken! Thanks for your class^-^ He's gentle and kind. He's been in Japan for 2 years, so we could talk about Japan. I thought he was friendly to Japan. He also sent me a message of what I wanted to say when I couldn't say correctly in English. He's mature for his age. Hope to take his class again. ケン先生はとても穏やかで優しくて話しやすかったです。日本に2年いたこともあって、親日家です。日本のことはある程度知っているので、日本の話題などが話せて良かったです。私が言いたいことをうまく言えなかった時に、私の言いたいことをくみ取ってSkypeのメッセージで正しい英文を送ってくれました。彼は年の割にしっかりしていて、すばらしいと思います。また彼のクラスを受けたいと思います。

07/29 15:17 by Mar***

I took his lesson for the first time. Ken speaks very slowly.I guess it's not that he does so for his students but that it's just the way he does. He's a good listener and tried to let me speak as much as possible while correcting my mistakes. His calmness made me feel comfortable.I appreciate he's kind enough to answer my questions.

07/25 08:26 by ***