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Age : 50 - 59

Sex : female

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HELLO!        My name is Dianne and I am a certified English Teacher. (TESOL / TESL Canada)



Did you know it has been predicted that by 2015 HALF of the world will be English speaking?

That is because English is the international language of global communication, business, technology and academia. 


Any class is more enjoyable if both the Instructor and Students know each other a bit.  I will tell you a little bit about myself, and when we meet you can introduce yourself!


Now - a little bit about me!


I was born and raised inCanada

I have been a Business Professional, with 2 careers: 


My first career was working for the RCMP – Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Canada’s National Police Force and a big part of Canada’s history– perhaps you’ve seen pictures of them in their red uniform with the Stetson hats and the famous Musical Ride performance with the horses.


My 2nd career was in the travel agency business as Manager and finally as an Instructor in the Travel College.  I had great satisfaction in developing the course materials to make it interesting for the students and to see them finally graduate.


I studied teaching in University and college courses to be an Instructor


My greatest passion is traveling & meeting people from other cultures.  I have traveled to many countries in Europe, also to Cuba,the Caribbean, Mexico, USA, Canada and 2 cruises.  I also lived in Europe for 3 years and Mexicofor 2 years. I have experience learning a foreign language - I am fluent in Spanish.


I like to ride my bike, swim and bake.

Something not every one knows about me?  I know how to dance Spanish flamenco! 



I am an enthusiastic teacher.  I love the interaction, I love being part of people’s lives helping them build confidence in their ability to achieve, both academically and socially.  Teaching to me is fun.  I am very organized and enjoy preparing the learning environment with creative activities, helping students complete their work and stay "on task".   Feeling comfortable and relaxed in their English lessons will help students greatly and I always create the best atmosphere for this to happen. I am a patient, kind and friendly person. I will learn your needs and preferences first, and make learning pleasant and stimulating.  We remember pleasant things!!  


I want to help you acquire the kind of English skills you need to be able to communicate.  I will teach you what you will hear in real life and what you need to say

For example:  we often teach – What is your name

But it’s also important to teach – Name Please….because that is what you might hear. 


Whatever the reason you want to learn English, you will never regret to have done it.  Being aware of the reason for learning English will give you the right motivation and focus to continue learning English.

If you find yourself saying 'But I can't speak English...', try adding the word '...yet'


Teachers open the door – but you must enter by yourself!


Dianne Snydal

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