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95P Ana Ignat UK

Age : 20 - 29

Sex : female

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Hello everyone!
My name is Ana and I am delighted to share all my knowledge about the English language and Great Britain's culture and lifestyle with you! I hope you we'll get to learn new things together and we'll enjoy ourselves. I love talking in different languages, to study about different cultures of the world and to share it with everyone. I am sure that we will discover new opportunities in life by practicing together English!


Student Evaluation

Thank you Ana, it was interesting topic. I 'm looking forward to having your next lesson!

11/17 20:19 by liv***

She is very friendly and kind. Lesson was quite enjoyable. Thank you, Ana.

11/16 18:33 by kaz***

Thank you very much for your lesson.

11/06 08:53 by har***

Thank you very much for your lesson. Writing essey is interesting for me! But it is hard to answer your questions instantly.Because I shoud make sentences correctly and instantly. But I'm happy that I can find that problem. I'll try to solve it. I'm looking forward to your next lesson!

10/27 11:25 by liv***

Thank you for really suggestive lesson! She taugt me several practical English politely. I could invest quality time. Her lesson is much appreciated.

09/07 11:43 by Yu***

Ana-maria sensei always prepare the lesson activities for me, so we have a substansial lesson. I practiced to make sentences about the preparation of a trip on today's lesson.

09/03 23:05 by 丹下明***

Ana sensei gives me usuful activities every lesson. She also knows well about Japan, so she recognized what I want to speak in shaky English. She encoureged me, so I'm motivated.

08/21 08:07 by 丹下明***

Thank you Anna, You gave a good advice for my study. I think I must revise some idioms. I'm lloking forward to youe next lessons!

08/16 10:16 by liv***

Thank you Ana, I really enjoyed your lesson. You gave me some advices, it was important. I'll try to do my best! See you soon!

08/01 17:04 by liv***

Thank you Ana, She teaches kindly. I really enjoyed.

07/25 19:42 by liv***

I enjoyed her lesson. She teaces so kindly. I'm lookingforward to seeing her! Thank you, Ana!

07/19 10:22 by liv***

She is a good teacer. She teaches me kindly. She also has good teaching skills. I'm looking forward to next lesson. Thank you Ana!

07/09 20:50 by liv***

とても熱心に教えてくださいます。 いつもありがとうございます。

06/23 21:04 by liv***

Thank you so much for your lesson. I enjoyed very much. She teaches very kindly and she has good theaching skills. I'm looking forward to your next lesson. (sachi)

06/19 11:31 by liv***

Ana-sensei is really kind .she teaches sincerely. She come up with various ideas to make our lesson to be more fun and interesting . though I cannot speak english fluently yet,I enjoy of learning english and talking english.

05/20 11:18 by 山中直***


04/20 23:55 by Mas***

Ana sensei proposed various activiteis to exercise English! Today we talked about the famous person's quotes. It was interestig but confusing to understand that. I think the quotes are real expressions among the natives.

03/18 21:42 by 丹下明***

I sutdied vocaburary and grammer about weather. I realized the points that I tended to mistake. Ana sensei always usued times effictivity, so I was satisfied and joyfully!

03/11 08:30 by 丹下明***

I always took Ana' s lessons with joyfulness! She proposed me various activeties to practice grammer and words. I was enthralled by their activities not only to solve but also to know the composition about those.

03/04 10:16 by 丹下明***

This is my first lesson. I really enjoyed talking wish her. She prepared some good topics for me in spite of the trial lesson. Thank you, Ana.

02/23 12:09 by Hir***

I was happy that I caught the word of Ana sensei's speaking. We had free conversations about persons who I like or admire. Ana sensei was familiar with Japanese culture and TV and so on. So I enjoyed the conversation about person we both knew!

02/19 15:07 by 丹下明***

Ana gave me many topics in the class. So the class was dense with good content.

02/18 23:27 by Mas***

Thank you for my first lesson. Her speaking is very clear. She speak slowly and use easy words so that I could understand what she said. I used "the IELTS Exam preparation" and that was good for making my opinions clear in English. Nice to talk to her.

02/15 10:37 by Yum***

Ana sensei led me by various activities such as pronaunciation and grammy. I felt good exercises with nice atomosphere. I'm looking forward to studying with her next time!

02/14 11:38 by 丹下明***

Ana -sensei is very kind.I can't speak english fluently yet,but I really enjoy our  class &conversation all the time .After class, I revise lesson with recording.Every time I hear recordings , I recognize how kindly she teaches.

02/09 12:41 by 山中直***

I practiced vocabulary test. It was getting difficult to last question, so I think it's level was good for me. I think I can remenber vocabulary better than doing myself.

01/31 11:41 by 丹下明***

Votre leçon est trés intintéresant. J'ai trés amusement. J'ai pepouvoir vorte explication. Meci, beaucoups.

01/27 23:16 by 堀 優***

I really enjoy your lesson. It is very interesting to explain the photos. Thank you very much.

01/27 23:05 by 堀 優***

Ana proposed me the proper activities to improve my abilities of Engulish! I was always looking forward to tyrying it! Ana explained me repeatly how to resolve it, so I could understand it and direction expressons. And I really enjoyed free conversation during the activities.

01/25 07:58 by 丹下明***

I practiced TOEIC test sample. I enjyed to response the questions in setting time. I was satisfied after class and Ana gave me motivation! I was also satisfied in the well-balance class that having the practicing and free conversation.

01/24 08:29 by 丹下明***