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Asami 110P UK

Age : 20 - 29

Sex : female

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My name is Asami. I am 23 years old and I draduated from Manchester Metropoliton University. I studied Biomedical Science (BSc) .


I am a native English speaker. I was born in south of Manchester, England. I love travelling. I've been to Japan twice. 


I have a lot of foreign friends from my college and university. They often need help and support for their English exams, specially IELTS exams. We study the text books together and prepare for exams.


The oral exams are the hardest for the students since they are from different backgrounds and speak diverse languages. But practice makes perfect. Talking is the best option.


If you want some serious learning, I can help you improve by practicing and learning new words with some lessons from some professional text books or we can practice with some BBC articles and the typical British Literature like Shakespeare and Mary Shelly, etc.



Sometimes, just watching movies or listening to audio books is much more helpful then studying with big text books and difficult terminology.



Whichever method is suitable for you, we can try it.


Student Evaluation

私は英語で話すことに慣れていないので、asami先生が様々な話題を振ってくれてよかったです。でももう少しこっちに喋らせてくれてもよかったかな(笑)。ありがとうございました。 I'm not used to communicate in english.But I was fun,because Asami speak various topics that I can talk of. Thank you. If I use inappropriate word or grammar in this sentence, i'm sorry.

03/03 19:59 by 入江泰***

I understood better than before. So I enjoyed talk her. She was very kind to me.

02/19 21:41 by 立山 ***

She was very nice. She tried to find the topics so that we could enjoy talking and I felt like I could talk smoothly. 初めてのレッスンだったので、何を話していいのかわからなかったのですが、Asami先生がいろいろと話題を提供してくれたのでスムーズに話をすることができました。

02/15 22:41 by Mik***

I enjoyed her lesson because she talked me a lot of things.So I could lesten to many English word.

02/15 22:03 by 立山 ***

It was my first time to take English lesson here. It was so comfortable lesson!! Thank you so much, Asami san.

02/05 21:41 by Yuk***

Thank you for your lessen. I enjoyed it very much. Hope to see you soon!

01/21 23:50 by Mak***

今日は楽しいレッスンをありがとうございました。息子もあんなに話すのは珍しく、先生とは話やすかったのだと思います。たくさんたくさん質問をしてくださって、発話をするようにうながしてくださり、ありがとうございました。 子供も話やすかったようです。またよろしくお願いします^^

12/27 20:32 by Yui***

She is a very kind and intellectual, and I had a good time with her. She has a large stock of topics. Thank you for your wonderful lesson. I'm looking forward to talk with you again.

11/13 23:11 by 中村 ***

I could talk with her without hesitation because she talked kindly and shared topics with me such as school lives or Japanese animations. In addition to that, she gave me pointful advice.

09/16 23:22 by UME***

I enjoyed her lesson by what she candidly spoke. I'd like to talk with her. She teaches politely. I will study continuously.

08/22 00:18 by Mas***


08/19 00:05 by t.m***

はじめてのレッスンでしたが、とても楽しく進めていただきました。私が理解しやすいように、日本のドラマやお互いの文化を話題にしてくれたので、とても分かりやすかったです。先生の話す英語はとてもきれいで、私も早くたくさん話せるようになりたいと思いました(^-^) It's my first lesson on this site, the lesson was very fun. For my understand, the teacher talked about Japanese dramas and films, a culture each other. Teacher's English was very beautiful. I'll do my best for my improve. Thank you!

08/02 23:41 by Kt ***

I enjoyed your lesson. Actually, I already join the other online school. But the Philipino runs the school, so I wonder if I could make myself understood in English to native speaker. So I take this trial lesson. I usually take the textlesson at school, but this time, I could talk to you over the free conversation. So I became confident. Then, i appreciate your recommendation of reading BBC. Then, i enjoyed sharing the each culture with you. Thx

07/23 22:29 by 上田雅***

今日はとても楽しかったです。Asami先生とは旅行の話で盛り上がりました。先生は親しみやすいだけでなく、話題が豊富で、また非常に熱心だと感じました。ただ、時々、分からない時もあって残念でした。もっといろいろな表現を身につけて自然に会話できるようになりたいと思います。 Thank you for your exciting lesson. I think you're very gentle and enthusiastic, and have a lot of topic, using fluent English and also enthusiastic. However sometimes, it is hard for me to understand your English. So, I'll practice my English and learn a lot of expression in order to speak more fuluently.

06/20 00:03 by tor***

I enjoyed her lesson. Her pronounciation is very good for study English.

03/09 19:24 by mik***