David US 110P - スカイプ英会話ならマイスカイイングリッシュ

Teacher profile

 Hello! My name is David. I am 24 years old, living in Florida, USA.


I am back, after several months away!


If you are reading this, you want to learn English,

or improve the English skills you already possess, right?

Well I'm happy to tell you that you've come to the right place (^^)/


Is learning English on your own difficult and confusing?

 Don't worry, You're not alone! I'm here to step you through this,

and to help you reach your goal in English fluency and knowledge!

頑張りましょう!ファイト!絶対に諦めないで下さい (*'▽')

 I know how difficult it can be to learn another language;

I have helped many of my Japanese friends with their English study.

In addition, I study Japanese on my own.

By self-learning Japanese, I have learned a great deal about the difficulty

in aquiring a second language, especially from Japanese to English, and vice versa.

( Maybe English is your 3rd, even 4th language? If so, much respect to you (*'▽') )


 Here's what I will do for you:

・Teach you vocab (adjectives, adverbs, nouns, pronouns, verbs, etc.)

・Teach you grammar (conjugation, tense, sentence structure & order)

・Teach you business English (how to speak in the workplace, with co-workers and your boss)

・If your only desire is to have conversational English, I'm happy to do that as well;

whatever your reason for studying English, I'm here to help you in any way you please :).


There is no limit to what you can do, once you set your mind to something.

Thank you for considering choosing me as your English tutor or teacher.


 - David K.

Best times for lesson requests (JPN time)

09:00 - 11:00

15:00 - 18:00


 A little more about me:
 ・日本語が少し話せます。I can speak a little Japanese. This can be useful during lessons;

if we are stuck on a word or definition, I can use Japanese to explain the meaning.


Sometimes, I use guitar for lessons.


After graduating college, I plan to move to Japan and teach English.

I plan on staying in Japan, as I think it's a wonderful, beautiful country, with amazing people.
I love watching movies, playing guitar, and learning about language and culture.


・Well, that's enough about me;




*Note: I will primarily use English in lessons.
I will only use Japanese if it is neccesary, in order to teach about a specific word or meaning.

It is absolutely crucial for learning, to consistently speak the language you are studying,

and to be taught in the language! Let's do our best to reach your goal in English!


- David,


Student Evaluation


11/23 15:45 by Eij***

David sensei taught me about slang of daily conversation. I can memorize easier with example prahse by David sensei than studying by myself.

11/12 08:50 by 丹下明***

息子(10歳)が受講しました。レッスン前から「彼の好きなトピックは何?」「どのようにレッスンを進めたいか?」などを聞いていただき、こちらの要望に応えたレッスンをしていただきました。アクセントは極めてニュートラルでとても聞き取り易かったです。途中、10歳からやっているというギターを披露していただき、「どんな気持ちになった?」と聞き、感情に関する形容詞を引き出す訓練をしてくれました。話しやすい先生で息子も大変気にいったようです。またよろしくお願いします。 My 10-year-old son took David's lesson. David prepared for the lesson in advance via Skype by asking me my son's favourite topics and how he'd like to take the lesson. David's accent is quite neutral and easy to understand for non-native speakers. He started to play the guitar in the middle of the lesson. It was because he wanted to practice my son's adjectives relating to the feeling. He said that he'd been playing since he was 10 and it was very good! He's easy to talk to and my son says that he wants to take his lesson again. Thank you very much for all of your effort to teach my son. Mom

11/12 08:37 by Say***

We had free conversation about each other, eample, Halloween, my kids, favorit song. David corrected my expressions, it was useful and joyful lesson.

11/08 17:25 by 丹下明***

I learned a lot of new vocabulary so it was a very good lesson. I also want to practice speaking so it would be better if we do both, practice speaking and learning vocabulary.

11/04 18:46 by 平松里***


11/04 03:08 by 橋本 ***


11/03 23:04 by Eij***


10/21 22:45 by Eij***


10/05 15:55 by Eij***

I am really fun of article lesson and adjective lesson.

09/27 22:26 by Eij***

Thank you for the class.He corrects my English well.

09/21 10:50 by Eij***

Thank you for your today's class.I enjoyed Q&A class. He corrected my English well.I'm looking forward to the next lesson.

09/13 21:47 by Eij***


09/05 00:56 by 橋本 ***

Thank you very much for such an enjoyable lesson!

08/07 18:48 by Tak***

Thank you!He is very kind.また、お願いしたいと思います。

07/19 13:50 by 橋本 ***


06/22 13:03 by 橋本 ***

Thank you for the today's lesson. Despite that my younger son didn't listen you, you taught well.I am sorry about it. We look forward to the next lesson which you suggest one.

05/24 10:47 by Hon***


05/18 10:46 by 橋本 ***

やさしい先生なので子供もすぐ馴れたようでした。楽しいレッスンでした。 Boys enjoyed David's lesson very much because he is kind and gentle.

05/06 10:18 by Hon***

職場の外国人と流暢に話せるようになりたいという私の希望を伝えると、先生はなるべく自然で聞き取りやすく話してくれました。 また、職場で英語で話す時に、理解できない言葉があれば、書き留めておいて次回のレッスンの際に聞いて、と言ってくれました。 お若いですが、落ち着いていて、安心できる先生です。楽しくてあっという間に時間が過ぎました。 Thanks for telling me to ask questions next lesson, I'll try to write down what I can't understand.

05/05 10:01 by 長岡 ***


04/28 10:20 by Hon***


04/26 08:50 by 橋本 ***

Thanks for the first lesson today. I enjoyed talking with you, I could catch almost of all. ディビット先生の発音はとてもクリアで、聞き取りやすかったです。 会話が弾んであっという間の25分でした。

04/14 13:19 by 長岡 ***


04/12 15:28 by 橋本 ***

The lesson was great. After my remarks, he wrote correct sentences. I can learn many things from him. Thank you so much!

04/08 23:56 by 黒川 ***


03/02 06:41 by SAS***

He was a very kind and devoted teacher. I really liked his lesson. Thank you for such a good lesson,David! See you soon :)

01/27 21:39 by Mak***