Marcie カナダ 130P  - スカイプ英会話ならマイスカイイングリッシュ

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Hello.  I'm Marcie  I'm a native speaker from Canada.  I have a clear but soft accent.  I am excited to be available on Myskyenglish.  I can customize classes to fit your needs whether it is to expand your vocabulary, learn new grammar or just practice conversation I can help you.  I teach Yoga, Reiki and Massage and have experience in Dental and Medical terms.  I am well travelled and have spent much time in Japan.  I speak and understand some Japanese.   I hope to hear from you!


Student Evaluation

She started with an open conversation today. Her lesson is very well constructed.

10/27 17:41 by Ken***

I really enjoyed a talk about my summer vacation. Marcie sensei gave me some questions easy for me to answer, but sometimes I couldn't find appropriate expressions and my grammer was wrong. I will try to learn more expressions and words, and make grammatically correct sentences.

09/23 23:10 by Eri***

She offers me interesting lessons. Thanks to her excellent lead, I practiced speaking a lot this time.

01/29 06:52 by Yos***

Thank you for offering another wonderful lesson. I enjoyed it so much. Marcie always listens to me patiently.

01/27 10:23 by Yos***

Thank you for an interesting lesson, Marcie. I think that she is a caring teacher and good at understanding what her students want to learn about.

01/26 11:25 by Yos***

とてもさばさばして誠実な良い先生でした。 言い回しなど間違いを直してほしいと頼むとたくさん直してくれ勉強になりました。 日本文化にとっても詳しいカナダ人の先生です。

07/05 23:15 by SAS***

Thanks for your help ,Marcie !! sorry it was my first time to take a class of myskype english... so I couldn't speak well but I enjoyed your lesson, thanks!! I think she is a good teacher and so sweet because when i couldn't catch her English , she tried to speak more slowly for me again and again, thanks!! I'm looking forward to see you next time!!

06/14 11:08 by nac***

Thank you very mach seeing me today!! I really want to continue practicing English with you!

01/10 23:01 by Tak***

Marcie always corrects my English pronunciation and expressions patiently. I really appreciate it. She is very calm teacher. Marcie先生は英語の発音や表現を根気よく直してくれ、とても感謝しています。 とても穏やかな先生です。

01/03 22:15 by Nor***

Marina先生に続き、Marcie 先生にもすっぽかされました。一体このスクールはどういうモラルで運営されているのでしょうか?これでは学習が進みません。至急改善をお願いします。

11/01 22:08 by liv***

Marcie先生は、とても落ち着いていて、話をしていると心が穏やかに, なります。話をよく聞いてくれるので、話しやすいです。 次回レッスンでお会いできるのが楽しみです。 Marcie is very calm and gentle. when I talked with her, my mind also became calm. She listened carefully to me, it was easy to talk very much. I'm looking forward to be able to see you in the next lesson.

10/13 21:39 by Nor***