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Teacher profile


I’m Rick. I'm from Nova Scotia, Canada, and I've been living and working, teaching English, in beautiful Miyazaki, Japan for the past 16 years.


I’ve done private lessons. I’ve taught English in kindergarten classes, I’ve worked in elementary schools, conversation schools, community centers, and universities.

I've had the opportunity to help students of all ages, all English levels, and all backgrounds study and practice English—young children, teenagers, university students, businessmen, professionals, homemakers, and retired people.


For over 10 years I worked at the University of Miyazaki teaching nursing and medical students. I specialize in helping intermediate to advanced learners of English.


Whatever your purpose is for studying English—work, travel, study, TOEIC or TOEFL, or just enjoyable conversation, I have the experience to help you achieve your goals.


I think you’ll enjoy my lessons—I enjoy doing them! I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you on Skype and My Sky English!


Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

Seeya soon!


Student Evaluation

We did practice on reading parts, even though it was unfamiliar topic to me, we did eliminate unnecessarily answer to derive the right answer. This was my last lesson and the lessons that I had so far were really helpful and, i am happy that my toefl score has increased significantly.

06/23 07:41 by 渡辺裕***

Today, we have practiced reading part of toefl and same as usual, i got clear explanation for each questions. Thus though his lesson, i am becoming ready for the toefl test.

06/22 09:08 by 渡辺裕***

I am very happy that my toefl score increased from 81 to 90 for studying 2 weeks which was my target score to enter a university. Thanks, Mr. Rick. I am going to have another toefl test on this Saturday which I am looking forward to achieve even higher score.

06/20 09:06 by 渡辺裕***

We did some practice for the TOEFL reading section. I thought you have improved gradually. Thanks.

06/20 01:57 by 渡辺裕***

We have practiced the Tefl reading part, even though i did make mistakes, each time i made the mistake, we went overthought to ensure what it was wrong that improved my understanding to understand the passage clearly.

06/16 07:45 by 渡辺裕***

We did some practice to summarize the article in regards to the spread of the massive WannaCry malware. And i learned the significance of using special words that they used in the article rather than synonyms. Also we discussed little bit about politics.

06/14 07:37 by 渡辺裕***

Today we did some practice reading and summarizing an article.

06/14 07:21 by 渡辺裕***

He clearly pointed out the mistakes that I did make caused by the misunderstanding of the context. And then we did discuss what was the proper way to answer it and I could improve it

06/09 07:38 by 渡辺裕***

We practised for speaking of TOEFL. I was noticed my mistake about using the words of "suggest" and "learn". Thanks.

06/09 07:20 by 渡辺裕***

We went through the actual Toefl listening test sample, during the lesson, we tried the same part three times to sophisticate my understanding towards and how to achieve high score.

06/07 07:41 by 渡辺裕***

We discussed about "karoshi in Japan". We had a chance to share on our own experience which allows me to expand my interests. Thanks.

06/06 09:13 by 渡辺裕***

I am going to keep on learning with Rick. He is a good teacher.

06/02 10:30 by 渡辺裕***

I have taken Rick's lessons for improving my TOFLE score. I hope I will get my target score and his lessons are really good for me.

06/02 08:05 by 渡辺裕***

Today's lesson was pretty good. Rick had sent the article to me before we had a lesson so the lesson went on smoothly.

06/02 07:59 by 渡辺裕***

He is a great teacher. He helps me a lot.

05/31 21:40 by Eli***

I took his class for 1 hour today and practiced for speaking test of TOFLE. He gave me accurate advice which I didn't notice. It was useful. Thanks, Rick

05/31 08:46 by 渡辺裕***

I took his class for 1 hour today and practiced for speaking test of TOFLE. He gave me accurate advice which I didn't notice. It was useful. Thanks, Rick

05/31 08:45 by 渡辺裕***

It was nice meeting you and thank you for giving me a lesson. I had a great time and you encouraged me a lot. I am looking forward to seeing you again.

04/13 21:59 by Yuk***

Thank you for offering another thought-provoking lesson. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot. It was also very kind of you to give me advice about how to improve my English skills.

01/27 10:11 by Yos***

Professor Rick offered honest advice. It is really useful.. Thank you for the wonderful lesson.

01/26 12:48 by Yos***

It was the first lesson for me on Skype, so I was nervous a little. However, I could be relaxed soon and had fun to talk with the teacher Rick, because he was so friendly and kind to lead me. Thank you.

09/21 12:36 by Chi***

Thank you very much.I had a good time to talk to you.久しぶりにCanadaの英語を聞くことができました。

08/27 10:55 by 蒔田 ***

Thank you very much for the first lesson. You advised me various things and motivated me a lot.

08/18 21:24 by Ken***

He is a great teacher. He corrects my English properly by explaining well why my expressions are not good. He'll teach you polished English expresions.

01/24 21:43 by 澤田か***

I had a lesson of Rick through a free trial. As he lived in Japan quite long time, I could talk to him very relaxed. Next time I want to have his lesson. from izumi

01/08 23:54 by 玉利 ***

He has a good knowledge in almost all the world events and I learn a lot from him. He is well educated.

12/30 21:00 by 澤田か***

Professor Rick is a very good teacher. He has been teaching all kinds of Japanese students as an university professor and his teaching skill is great. He is very educated and knows almost everything. I want to keep taking his lessons to pass the EIKEN Step 1 Interview Test. I recommend him for students with high level in English.

12/20 20:02 by 澤田か***

大学の先生らしい知識の豊富な先生でした。しかも元気で声が大きいので、わかりやすい発音で理解しやすいレッスンでした。 もう少したくさん生徒に話させてくださったら100点だとおもいます。話し出したら止まらないタイプのようです。

10/09 20:11 by SAS***

My daughter took his lesson for her first my sky lesson. He was so great! She enjoyed the lesson, and was laughing^^ even she was sort of nervous. After the lesson, she told me that she wanted to take his lesson again. I am going to book his lesson again! Thank you so much for talking to nicely.

09/10 22:13 by 田中修***

I enjoyed your class, so I hope that I am going to make a reservation for your next class. I'm looking forward to seeing you next time!

08/06 23:41 by 赤羽 ***