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Lisa 45P Ph

Age : 20 - 29

Sex : female

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Konnichiwa! My name is Lisa. I am from the Philippines and have been a personal English tutor to children and adults for almost 7 years now. I have been teaching English online as well and worked as a customer service representative to an American callcenter for over a year.

I am your Online Teacher at MySkypeEnglish! :)


Student Evaluation

she is so cooporative to my request. she tries to understand my situation and thinks my task together.

02/01 21:52 by Shi***


01/18 20:29 by 小川 ***

子供のレッスンをお願いしました。いろいろ教材を用意してくれて上手に教えていただいてます。驚いたのはレベルチェックがすばやく的確。レベルの低すぎるレッスンにならないくてよかったです。 音声ファイルをUPしていただけると私も(母)としては嬉しいのですが。

01/12 09:31 by 小川 ***

She is so funny to have chat!

01/06 09:28 by Shi***

talking with her is interesting!

12/16 13:07 by Shi***

とても優しくて親しみやすい先生です。母親であるという同じ立場で、子育ての話を通して文化の違いなどを知り、とても有意義なレッスンでした。どうもありがとうございました。 She is kind and friendly. Both she and I are as a mother, we talk about the difference of each culture through the subject of child-raising. That was a great experience for me. Thank you, Lisa!

11/14 10:21 by ima***

Thank you,Lisa. She speaks slowly for me,so I can listen to English.

10/22 22:40 by 上田 ***

She is friendly and funny!

10/11 15:13 by Shi***

She checked my pronunciation carefully. I think it is for my listening .Thank you!

06/30 09:00 by Man***

Lisa is so kind. She motivated me to learn English again. I want to get out of the bigginer level as soon as I can!! I do my best with my son!

06/29 08:38 by Man***

優しくて子供も楽しかったようです。 ただ、もうちょっと具体的に子供から言葉を引き出してくれると うれしいです。

05/19 10:54 by tak***

She was a good teacher. so I practiced to anser for her questions.

04/27 22:49 by yuk***