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30P Myralyn

Age : 20 - 29

Sex : female

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Hi! I’m Myralyn Sobrio. My friends call me Mai2x. I’m 24 years old from Davao City, Philippines. I graduated from the University of Southeastern Philippines with a degree of Bachelor of Arts in English. I also got my Education units at the same university because I want to pursue my career in teaching. Luckily, I was able to pass the Licensure Exam for Teachers held on March 2015.

I’ve been teaching in a private school for two years and I also handled home-based tutorials. These experiences help me to develop my teaching skills. I love teaching because I want to share what I have learned and I want to help students achieve their goals. And it’s always been my passion to teach since I was kid.

I am patient; understanding and I make sure that my students are comfortable in the learning process because learning is a life-long process. Then, learning English will help us to become a globally competitive individual in our chosen career.

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スカイプのコネクションが悪く レッスンはほとんど成立しませんでした。 お金をはらってこれではひどいです。

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レッスンに慣れていられる感じで安心して受講できました。 役立つ表現を教えていただき大変よかったです。

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