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30P Czabae

Age : 20 - 29

Sex : female

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Hi ! My name is Czabae, 22years old , from Davao City Philippines. I'm currently enrolled at University of Mindanao taking up a bachelor degree in Elementary Education major in Special Education. My hobbies are crochet, dancing, singing, and watching movies. The type of music that I like are love songs and poprock. King Arthur, Fast and furious , minions and Epic are one of my favorites. People say that I'm cheerful, friendly and easy going. When it comes to education, I believe that it is a dynamic element in life that starts from crib to grave. We should grab every opportunity to learn. As an advocate of education , I'll like to maximize my students learning time through facilitating their learning abilities and have a positive output in their studies.

Student Evaluation

She's not a native speaker but speaks English fluently.

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It was the first for me to take her lesson. She is very friendly and easy to talk to. I've asked the TOEIC preparation at the lesson. she gave me fun lesson using the web site. Filipino teacher's lessons are attractive for students in their low price. To get the opportunity speaking more in English, it will become one of the choices.

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日常会話をお願いしましたが、テキストを使って教えてくれました。 流ちょうな英語で満足しました。 明るくて楽しくレッスンできました。いつもはネイティブの先生をお願いしていますが、フィリピンの先生も発音がきれいならばお得でいいですね。

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