Nancy 120P カナダ - スカイプ英会話ならマイスカイイングリッシュ

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I am an ESL teacher and have been self employed online for the last five years health teaching clients concerning trauma and change in their life. I am  also a retired nurse.
I teach and tutor students to improve their conversational English ,vocabulary and pronunciation , each student and their needs are different.
My lesson plans are created with each student in mind and their ability and needs and requirements to assist in their need to improve their English.I speak with a little or no accent and I am told I am a very patient teacher and no lesson for me is difficult to teach as I feel it is a pleasure to help another person.To learn a new language and improve your skills the best way is to have a teacher that understands how difficult it might seem at first , but with patience you will see an improvement.  TOEFL skills listening and speaking.
I will teach you on a regular basis and provide homework and skills and goal plans so that you will see the improvement in your speaking skills on a weekly basis.
I am a web owner for the last several years and focus being able to multi task and network with like minded people. I enjoy finding new ways to communicate with others. I have a weekly podcast which you will find informative and helpful with tips and hints so you will tune in often.
Each person has a story to tell , I enjoy learning about new cultures and where people live and their family.
I hope you will listen to the audio and video messages . Thanks so much taking the time to read my profile.
I look forward to assisting you and being your teacher. Lets Get Started Today! So lets start planning your lesson Right Now. Take the challenge to improve your speaking and reading and listening skills, I am eager to help you Now.

Student Evaluation


08/18 21:30 by Yay***

Thank you for your lesson! I really enjoyed talking with you. Your English was very clear and comfortable for me. It was too short for 25 minutes. See you next lessons. Thank you! Have a nice weekend.

06/14 22:07 by 長谷川***

I asked Nancy to review my document. She gave me a detailed explanation of it. Her kind advice helped me very well.

01/31 00:59 by Mas***


01/26 01:11 by 別所 ***

こちらのレベルに合わせて、丁寧にお話して頂けました。 初心者レベルの為、イライラする事もあったかと思いますが、非常に辛抱強く、理解できるまで話して頂けました。 またお願いしようと思います。 According to the level here, hope you and talk politely. For beginners, I think it was also frustrating and, very patiently, talking to hope I can understand. I would like to ask again. Thank you.

09/17 00:52 by 石塚進***