Pang - スカイプ英会話ならマイスカイイングリッシュ

Teacher profile

Hi, my name is Pang.

 I am an undergrad student at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte majoring in Elementary Education with a minor in Public Health. Currently, I am student teaching and I will be graduating in May.


I love to teach and help others in any way that I can, whether that is through teaching, serving, or simply loving them.


 My hobbies include playing volleyball, reading, and traveling. I enjoy hanging out with my friends and family as well.


I have tutored ESL students from young students to adults and I have experience in teaching young students English and other subject areas.


Aside from teaching, I work as a certified nurse assistant at a nursing/retirement home.


I love that this is a place for students to learn more and grow but I also believe that this will be a place that I can learn from you too! Even teachers need to learn more. I look forward to meeting my students and investing in their education through the web.


If you are interested in taking my class, please feel free to contact me via e-mail or sign up for my class. If you don't see a time that works for you, please request a lesson and I will try my best to work it out for you. I hope to meet you soon! Blessings.


Student Evaluation

She gives me the right instructions in the lesson.

02/19 20:18 by Ken***

She speaks in a very clear pronunciation.

02/19 20:17 by Ken***

Pang's commentaries are very easy to understand.

01/23 19:10 by Ken***