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Hello, my name is Michael Howard Wyatt, a Kiwi from New Zealand. Living and teaching in Thailand.
I have been teaching in many countries like New Zealand of course and Australia South Korea, Thailand and Dubai for 43 years. I also teach English to all ages from Kindergarten to University now. I am 70 years young—a retired teacher. I love many activities. I write novels and poetry and drama plays and songs. I sing and play the guitar, YouTube researcher, Origami, play backgammon and chess, take photographs and videos travel the world. I’m a wide reader with a variety of interests. I love history and exploring the world and meeting new people. I also love animals like cats and dogs and squirrels and snakes. Especially I love my little family which is my Thai wife Rina and my daughter Kara. My two sons, one in London and the other in New Zealand have given me two grandsons and one granddaughter. I'm saving money to go meet them. I love exercising and praying and meditating. I'm looking forward to meeting you on Skype.



Student Evaluation

I learned a lot of thing.

07/17 11:20 by Emi***

Hello, I requested your lesson on Wednesday and Sunday.

07/17 11:19 by Emi***

Thank you for your lesson. I want to talk English more fluently.

07/11 19:13 by Emi***

Thank you for your lesson.

07/11 19:11 by Emi***

Could you please open your lessons.

06/28 14:28 by Emi***

Hi, Thank you for your lesson.

06/28 14:27 by Emi***

Thank you for your lesson

06/28 14:27 by Emi***

I learned about myself during your material. Thank you.

06/16 09:30 by Emi***

Thank you very much for your lesson. We have a good lesson.

06/16 09:29 by Emi***

It was a interesting lesson. I enjoyed it very much and am looking forward to joining next time.

06/08 16:58 by Emi***