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My name is Laura! I am a 23 year old college student. I am studying Japanese in my school in Miami, Florida. I have studied abroad in Japan twice already, and I really like Japanese language as well as Japan, and Japanese food! 


When I studied abroad in Japan the last time I studied in a school called 神田外語大学 and I learned a lot not just about learning Japanese, but also a lot about how to teach English more effectively through speaking with many many college studnets who wanted to learn English. While in Japan I also worked in an English Cafe, and I also had the chance to teach some of the train conductors English, so I think that I have earned a lot of experience teaching English for now! ^^


I really enjoy teaching English because it allows me not only to teach about my language, English (I also speak Spanish) but I can also teach about the many different cultures that I grew up with and learning about! :D


So I hope to speak with you soon! 


Thank You,


Laura :D



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Student Evaluation

Thank you for your jouful lesson! We talked about winter holiday. Laura knew well about Japanese castle of Himeji. It was useful to make sentences of what I want to say. Laura tried to understand what I want to say with kindness.

01/19 09:30 by 丹下明***

Laura joined my speaking speed. She is always cheerful to talk with me and teach correct phrases. I enjoyed to hear her lifes in Miami.

12/21 21:41 by 丹下明***

Laura always talked cheerfuly to me in spite of early mornig for her. She corrected my makig sentences that concernig to my job. I think that the corrected sentences are very natural.

12/11 19:03 by 丹下明***


11/27 23:32 by もん ***


11/27 23:26 by もん ***

I learned a lot of usuful sentences about my job. I always enjoyed to talk with Laura. She made sure kindy whether I recognized or not.

11/27 08:36 by 丹下明***

Thank you for your lesson. I enjoyed talking with you about my pictures of Hallowen, mariching band and valleyball. I could understand the correctly sentenses that what I want to say by Laura's timely advices!

11/15 09:04 by 丹下明***

The lesson was prepared for me. We were using online news. I like her teaching style. Thank you.

11/12 23:07 by mik***

Today' topic was President election. I was excited to hear real voice about USA election. I am obliged to Laura for her consideration of lesson contents balance that distribute the interesting topics and the correcting my making sentenses.

11/09 08:33 by 丹下明***

She is very cheerful. Her smile makes happy me. I enjoy lesson with her everytime.

10/29 22:05 by mas***

Laura corrected my making sentenses about my job. She adviced me more proper expressions corresponded to each situations.

10/24 08:04 by 丹下明***

Laura corrected my sentences about my job, It's was very usuful. She gave the advices on the website.

09/27 23:52 by 丹下明***

Laura corrected my sentences that make by myself. As I made sentences about my job, I think that the lesson was very useful. She taught me by some expressions when I couldn't understand.

09/26 07:53 by 丹下明***


09/06 22:36 by mas***

I enjoyed Laura' s lesson on Sep 4. We had free conversation about Miami where Laura lives. She spoke English slowly for my listneing level.

09/06 08:38 by 丹下明***

I enjoyed Laura's lesson. She speaks slowly for me and repeats a sentence several times. She is so familiar with Japanese affairs that we had many topics of converations .

08/31 07:55 by 丹下明***

Thank you so much for todays lesson. It was my first online lesson so I was a little bit nervous. But I was able to enjoyed conversation with you. I had a really good time with you! Thank you !!

08/22 22:02 by mak***

I haven't taken her class for a long time, so I was glad that I could take her class again^-^ Her class's interesting. Whenever I take her class, I can find some differences between Japanese and American culture. She also posts something new from America on the comment page.

08/15 22:37 by Mar***

She is very kind and heartwarming teacher, so I want to take her Spanish lesson again.

07/27 11:54 by Kir***

昨夜、初めて授業を受けたので、少し緊張しました。でも先生がすごく優しくてフレンドリーだったので、なんか初めて話すような感じがしなかったです。とても楽しかったので、あっという間に25分が過ぎてしまいました。また先生とお話したいです^-^♪ Last night I took the Laura's class for the first time, so I was kinda nervous. However I didn't feel like talking to her for the first time because she's really nice & friendly. I had a great time, so the time went by so quickly. I'd like to take her lessons again. Thanks, Laura^-^

07/24 21:24 by Mar***

Thank you very much for teaching me today! I really enjoyed talking with you! Hope to see you soon.

07/11 21:15 by Yas***

8才の娘は初めてのオンラインレッスンでとても緊張していましたが、とてもやさしく教えていただいて、レッスンを楽しむことができました。こちらのパソコンの調子が悪かったのですが丁寧に対応してくださいました。ありがとうございました。 My daughter was really nervous but enjoyed a lesson very much.Thank you!

07/06 21:11 by Har***

At first, I'm worried about talking with skype,but I was able to hear what Laura said better than expected.She is very kind and knows about Japan well. I enjoyed talking with her. So, I decided to learn English using My Sky English.

07/05 22:43 by 高橋幸***

今日はLaura先生のスケジュール帳と、私の予約していた時間が異なっていたようで、戸惑いましたが、レッスンしてくださったのでとても嬉しかったです。お互いのことを紹介しあったり、好きなことや日本の文化などをお話して、とても楽しかったです。また、先生のレッスンを受けたいと思います。ありがとうございました。 It was wonderful lesson. I always study with text book. But I rearized that it is important to talk free. Thank you Mr. Laura :) I'm going to appointment your class :)

07/04 23:28 by 齊藤優***

Thank you for the lesson,and I was enjoy it^^I will keep to practice for the tongue twisters ;)

06/23 16:20 by Kat***

She is so kind that I could speak a lot. Her English is very clear and she spoke slowly for me, so it was good for listening. Moreover, she is very familiar with Japan, so I could enjoy talking. とても優しい雰囲気なので、たくさん話すことができました。英語もとても綺麗で、ゆっくり喋ってくれます。さらに、日本に精通しているので、会話の内容も楽しめました。

05/30 10:10 by Pab***